Chapter 4/5 Exhibition Branding

Exhibition design for an exhibition of Book Covers by Leeds College of Art Students in Level 4 and 5.

Chapter 4/5 Exhibition.
We were assigned into groups and asked to create the branding and design for an exhibition at Leeds Central Library for book cover designs by Level 4 and Level 5 students at Leeds College of Art. As a team we came up with the concept of using level 4 and 5 as "chapters" in our life and therefore came up with the name of the exhibition - Chapter 4/5. We pitched our idea in front of our peers and were chosen to display the real exhibition. 
My role within the team was quite varied. I came up with the logo design for the exhibition, combining the number 4 and 5 through the slash symbol. Though the numbers look abstract, they are still recognisable as the two numbers. I also worked on the design and layout of the exhibition space itself, creating vinyl and name placements for each individual piece. I also designed the invitations which we mailed out to various studios across the UK.
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